The Girls

We try to pick girls that have demonstrated need, motivation and potential for success.

The sad fact is that we can’t help every rural girl in Zambia; we don’t have the resources. This makes it especially important to maximize the effect we can have. We do this through selecting the most promising girls.

The process starts with a foreign development worker on the ground in Zambia identifying a girl. We use currently serving development workers for two reasons; they have experienced the girl’s situation first hand and are the most qualified to make a decisions in the proper context. We use foreign workers because they are not bound by the clan, familial or tribal ties of the area. We want girls who deserve our help based on their merit, not their connections.

If the girl is interested in applying, then she and the development worker will complete the application together and send it to Insaka. We will collect the applications, choose the best ones, and put their profiles up on our website.

We will provide updates on the girls' progress as we can.

The Money

We rely completely on donations made on this site.

Once we have collected enough money to sponsor a girl, we keep it until the beginning of the Zambian school year (January). We will pay for one school year at a time in case the girl is unable to finish school. We send the money directly to the school's bank account to minimize fraud. As school fees vary by secondary school, we have set $600 as the amount we want to raise for each girl. This amount also includes the fees for international wire transfers.

Any excess money from over donation or girls who don’t finish school will rolled over to help a different girl.



Insaka Expenses

We are a non-profit, but we still have expenses.

We must pay for things like website hosting, marketing drives, bank fees and office supplies. To do that, we take a small amount of the donation money. We can’t survive without it. We take only what we need, everything else we send to the girls.